House Majority PAC Launches Third Wave of Ads Against Chip Cravaack for His Misguided Priorities

August 12, 2011

On Friday, the House Majority PAC is announcing that it’s extending an ad offensive against Republican Congressman Chip Cravaack in Minnesota’s 8th District, one of the most vulnerable House Republicans in the country, for his misguided priorities.

The ad—which has already run on cable in the Minneapolis media market—highlights Cravaack’s vote for the House Republican budget that essentially ends Medicare and increases the national debt by providing budget-busting tax breaks for millionaires. It plays off the fact that Cravaack has been under fire back home for spending thousands in taxpayer funds to lease a luxury SUV.

The ad will now air through next week on broadcast and cable in the Duluth media market and again on cable in the Minneapolis media market.

“When Congressman Chip Cravaack complains that Washington spends too much, he’s actually talking about himself as he’s making Minnesota taxpayers foot the bill for his luxury SUV,” said Ali Lapp, Executive Director of the House Majority PAC. “To make matters worse, Cravaack voted to end Medicare as we know it and stick Minnesota seniors with $6400 more in health care costs in order to protect billions in subsidies for big oil and pay for a $200,000 tax break for millionaires. Cravaack, one of the most vulnerable House Republicans in the country, has plenty to answer for to Minnesotans this Augustrecess.”

To watch the ad, entitled “Class,” see below: