House Majority PAC Launches

June 27, 2012

Site Allows Visitors to Ask Mike Coffman Anything – With the Same Response Every Time

Washington, D.C. – As the dust settles on yesterday’s primary results, House Majority PAC welcomed vulnerable Rep. Mike Coffman to the general election in CO-06 with the launch of

The website allows visitors to ask Rep. Mike Coffman anything they wish. The only catch? They’ll get the same non-response every time, just as Coffman offered to Denver’s 9News, when he was asked to address his new-found Birther faith.

“When he publicly outed himself as a Birther, Mike Coffman made clear to voters in CO-06 exactly how out of touch he is,” said Alixandria Lapp, executive director of House Majority PAC. “And now, no matter how much this newly-inaugurated member of Congress’ Birther Caucus tries to hide it, will remind Coloradans of Coffman’s extreme record.”

Rep. Mike Coffman was caught on tape at a fundraiser in rural Elbert County, Colo., questioning whether President Obama is an American. He was then forced to walk back the comments. Of course, only days after that, Coffman appeared on a right-wing radio program to explain that he was forced to suppress his Birther beliefs for “political reasons.”

The Cook Political Report recently termed Coffman’s Birther episode “one of the most egregious incumbent gaffes of the cycle.”