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House Majority PAC Releases New Ad Highlighting Democrats’ Work to Rescue the Economy, Create Jobs, and Lower Costs

April 6, 2022

“Two Years Ago, We Were In Crisis. Democrats Rescued The Economy.”

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC is releasing a new ad titled ‘Rescued’ to begin running today. The ad highlights Democrats’ work to rescue the economy from crisis, create 7.9 million new jobs, tackle gas prices, and pass a thirty-five dollar a month cap on insulin through the U.S. House of Representatives. 

The new ad comes after House Majority PAC last week announced it would be placing $101.8 million in television and digital reservations to run in the final months of the 2022 election cycle across 50 markets. The initial flight of reservations will prioritize expensive and crowded markets, allowing House Majority PAC to lock in the lowest rates as early as possible. 

“When Democrats are elected, Democrats get things done – and under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats rescued the economy, created the biggest single-year job gain on record, and have worked tirelessly to tackle gas prices and make insulin more affordable for American families,” said House Majority PAC Executive Director Abby Curran Horrell. “While Republicans continue to root against the economy, vote against affordable insulin, and offer obstruction instead of substantive solutions, Democrats will continue to deliver and secure a Majority in 2022.” 


‘Rescued’ Transcript: 

“Two years ago, we were in crisis. Democrats rescued the economy.

“The biggest single-year gain on record.”

“Seven point nine million new jobs. A record drop in unemployment.

“Now, Democrats are working to lower costs. 

“Tackling gas prices by releasing a million barrels of oil per day from our reserves.

“And they just passed a thirty-five dollar a month cap on insulin.

“Democrats are getting things done to create jobs, and lower costs.

“House Majority PAC is responsible for the content of this ad.”