House Majority PAC Releases New Ads in Arizona 01 and 02

April 14, 2014

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC today announced the release of two ads running in both Arizona 01 and 02 congressional districts in response to unfair and misleading Koch brothers-funded ads attacking Reps. Ann Kirkpatrick and Ron Barber.

The ads began running today. The buys are approximately $250,000 in AZ-01 and $115,000 in AZ-02.

“There is no doubt who the Koch brothers want in control of Congress: people who will support their extreme agenda, not stand up for working people,” said Matt Thornton, Communications Director for House Majority PAC. “Arizonans have a right to know about the Koch brothers’ hidden agenda and why they support certain candidates.”

AZ-01: Andy Tobin “Hidden” can be viewed here:

AZ-02: Martha McSally “Fool You” can be viewed here: