House Majority PAC Releases Video Slamming Steve King For Lavish Taxpayer-Funded Travel In Russia Followed By Cuts To Food Stamps For Needy Iowans

September 24, 2013

Attention On King’s Food Stamp Hypocrisy Comes As In-State Criticism Of King’s Extremism Ramps Up 

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC released a video today calling on Rep. Steve King, who voted last week to end food assistance benefits to 4 million Americans – including 170,000 veterans – to stop acting like a king when traveling overseas, while making life more difficult for Iowans.

After all, as Congresswoman Jackie Speier notably pointed out on the House floor in advance of last week’s vote, on King’s recent trip to Russia, King spent $3,588 in taxpayer funds on room and board – well above the $3,112 in food stamp benefits the average Iowan household received last year.

The video is available here:

“Could there be a better example of how Steve King is looking out for himself above Iowans than his free spending of taxpayer funds on food and lodging during his Russian junket followed up by his vote to slash nutrition assistance for veterans, children and families in Iowa?” asked Andy Stone, Communications Director for House Majority PAC. “Steve King should be ashamed. And, as recent GOP criticism of King from within the Hawkeye State makes clear, Iowans won’t soon forget.”

Long an embarrassment for national Republicans, Iowa Republicans are now getting in on the act of criticizing King for his extreme behavior. Over the weekend, longtime GOP strategist Doug Gross sounded the alarm about King’s growing vulnerability arguing that “[King] doesn’t represent the Republican party” and that “he’d better watch it.”