House Majority PAC Runs Paid Offensive Against Francisco Canseco for Gutting Medicare

April 27, 2011

The House Majority PAC is currently running a paid advertising offensive this week against Representative Francisco Canseco who recently voted to gut Medicare for our seniors to pay for trillions in new budget-busting tax breaks for millionaires and big corporations. The ad runs through Friday.

“Representative Francisco Canseco is breaking the trust our country has with its seniors by ending Medicare as we know it, making them pay more for prescriptions drugs, and by forcing them to turn to the private health insurance market,” said Alixandria Lapp, Executive Director of House Majority PAC. “House Republicans like Francisco Canseco have no problem asking Texas seniors, middle class families and veterans to make sacrifices, yet refuse to do the same for big corporations and millionaires who would receive trillions in new tax breaks.”

Below is a transcript of the 60-second radio ad, entitled “Gallos y Pavos Reales:”

Hay una diferencia entre gallos y pavos reales. Los gallos se paran temprano a trabajar…
There’s a difference between roosters and peacocks. Roosters wake up early and go to work…

[Rooster call SFX]

…los pavos reales sólo enseñan sus plumas…
…peacocks only show-off their feathers…

[Feather rustling SFX]

Con su voto para pasar el nuevo presupuesto republicano, “El Banquero de Laredo,” Francisco Canseco, enseñó de nuevo como a los ricos les gusta enseñar sus plumas…
With his vote to pass the new Republican budget, “Laredo Banker” Francisco Canseco showed once again how rich people like to flaunt their own feathers…

[Feather rustling SFX]

Le dio trillones de dólares en cortes de impuestos a los ricos.
He gave trillions of dollars in tax cuts to the wealthy.

Pero para las familias que tienen que trabajar, cortó fondos para becas universitarias…
But for families that have to work, he cut funds for college scholarships…

Y peor aún, eliminó a Medicare como lo conocemos hoy, e hizo que los ancianos pagaran más por sus prescripciones — rompiendo la promesa hecha a nuestros abuelos.
And even worse, he eliminated Medicare as we know it, and made seniors pay more for prescription drugs — breaking the promise to our grandparents.

Lo que no puede esconder las plumas de Canseco es que sus prioridades están opuestas al sueno americano.
What Canseco’s feathers can’t hide, is that his priorities contradict the American dream.

Pagado por House Majority PAC. No autorizado por ningún candidato o comité de candidatos. El House Majority PAC es responsable por el contenido de este comercia.
Paid for House Majority PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. House Majority PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising.

The Republican budget Representative Canseco voted for:

  • Increases Deficit $8 Trillion Over Next Decade [Roll Call, 4/06/11]
  • Ends Medicare As We Know It [New York Times, 4/13/11; Washington Post, 4/05/11]
  • Requires Seniors to Cover Greater Percentage of Their Health Care Costs [Forbes, 4/09/11; Northern Trust,4/08/11]
  • Brings Back “Donut Hole” Coverage Gap for Prescription Drugs [Associated Press, 4/06/11]
  • Gives Tax Break to the Rich Worth Almost $1.1 Trillion Over Next Decade [Path to Prosperity FY 2012 Budget Resolution, 4/05/11; Tax Policy Center, 4/07/11]