House Majority PAC, SEIU To Begin Airing Spot Calling Strickland Wrong For Ventura County

October 9, 2012

Ad Part Of Six-Figure Buy That Will Continue Through Election Day

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) announced that the groups would begin running a TV ad that criticizes Tony Strickland for trying to change his Tea Party stripes to appeal to moderate Ventura County voters.

The spot, entitled “Stripes,” begins running today and will continue through Election Day.

“Stripes” is available here:

“Try as he might, Tony Strickland just can’t run away from his Tea Party record,” said Alixandria Lapp, Executive Director of House Majority PAC. “Whether it’s voting against stem cell research, earning a zero from Planned Parenthood or supporting tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, it’s clear that Tea Party Tony doesn’t reflect Ventura County values.”

“Tony Strickland’s record has shown, like too many others in Congress, can talk a good talk but can’t come close to walking the walk,” said Courtni Pugh, SEIU Local 99 Executive Director. “Middle class and working families across Ventura County are focused on putting food on the table, keeping a roof over their head and keeping America moving forward. This November voters have a chance to stop Tony Strickland and his extremist Tea Party agenda from standing in the way.”

House Majority PAC spent approximately $700,000 in the CA-26 primary this spring – the bulk of which was dedicated to airing this ad on behalf of Julia Brownley: And thus far during the general election, House Majority PAC has spent nearly $200,000 in mail to voters.