House Majority PAC, SEIU To Run Ad Hitting Dan Lungren For Being In The Pocket of Wall Street

September 12, 2012

Six-Figure Buy Begins Today in Sacramento

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) announced that the groups will begin airing a television ad today in Sacramento that shows how Dan Lungren is in the pocket of Wall Street interests and is not looking out for Californians.

The ad, part of a six-figure buy jointly financed by House Majority PAC and SEIU, begins airing today.

It can be viewed here:

“Dan Lungren’s entire career in Congress has been defined by his efforts to look out for himself and the Wall Street interests that have backed his campaigns,” said Alixandria Lapp, Executive Director of House Majority PAC. “With Lungren’s votes against regulating Wall Street – which caused the economic meltdown – and for gutting Medicare, one thing’s for sure: it’s time to retire Lungren so he can spend more time poolside.”

“Dan Lungren represents everything wrong with the same old Washington ways – the same old partisanship, the same old gridlock – that plunged our economy into chaos,” said David Kieffer, Executive Director of the SEIU California State Council. “We need someone with new ideas. As a doctor, Ami Bera has dedicated his life to putting people first. In Congress, he will do the same by helping build an economy that works for the middle class.”

House Majority PAC and SEIU, along with AFSCME and Friends of Democracy, recently released polling data that show this rematch tied at 47 percent apiece. But when survey respondents were read balanced, positive paragraphs about each candidate, Ami Bera moved ahead by five points. 

The CA-07 ad announced today is part of a new $2.2 million spending initiative from House Majority PAC that includes ads in six districts nationwide.