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House Majority PAC Statement on RSC Budget

March 21, 2024

Washington D.C. – House Majority PAC President Mike Smith released the following statement on the Republican Study Committee’s latest budget proposal.

House Majority PAC President Mike Smith:

“By proposing a budget that puts IVF at risk, raises the retirement age, implements a national abortion ban, and cuts funding for law enforcement, House Republicans are writing House Majority PAC’s ads for us. You can be sure that we will use this budget in paid media this fall.”

Vulnerable Republicans Don Bacon, Nick LaLota, Mike Garcia, Brandon Williams, Juan Ciscomani, and David Schweikert are all members of the Republican Study Committee.

RSC Budget Toplines:


Social Security and Medicare

Families and Children

Gun Safety

Additionally, the RSC budget outlines an unprecedented rollback of all environmental regulations in addition to reducing EPA funding. Other crucial programs and funding that would be cut includes: MILK agriculture subsidies, COPS grants, federal housing programs, the Dodd-Frank Act, Amtrak, and labor rights.