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House Majority PAC Statement on U.S. House Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act

August 12, 2022

Washington, D.C. – Following the U.S. House’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, House Majority PAC Executive Director Abby Curran Horrell released the following statement: 

“Today’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act through the U.S. House of Representatives marks another tremendous win for our economy and middle class families across the country – all thanks to the leadership of President Biden and House and Senate Democrats.

“The Inflation Reduction Act gives Democrats a critical accomplishment and reminds the American people that not only are we presiding over historic economic growth – but that Democrats are working to combat inflation, keep costs under control, protect affordable health care, address climate change, and fight for American families.

“And by voting against the Inflation Reduction Act, Republicans have made it clear that they are actively rooting against the economy and their extremist policies are grossly out-of-touch. 

“Americans cannot trust Republicans to look out for their best interests, which means it is crucial that we secure a Democratic House Majority at the ballot box this November.”