House Majority PAC targets Duffy in TV ad

September 12, 2012

The House Majority PAC is starting a new TV ad today targeting freshman GOP U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy over his comments last year that he was struggling financially.

The spot opens with a shot of a wooded area and a lumberjack working as the narrator says logging is a dangerous job and many don’t have health insurance. The narrator then says, “But meet a lumberjack who does” as the ad shows a shot of Duffy, R-Weston.

The narrator goes on to say Duffy voted to give taxpayer-funded health care for life to members of Congress, “yet Duffy says he struggles on his $174,000 salary.”

The spot concludes by showing Duffy climbing a tree in his lumberjack equipment as the narrator says, “Taxpayer funded health care, $174,000 salary. This lumberjack isn’t struggling. He’s sitting pretty.”

The $100,000 buy in the Wausau market is part of a $2.2 million initiative in six congressional districts nationally, a PAC spokesman said.