House Majority PAC Targets Paton on Women’s Health Issues

October 31, 2012

The House Majority PAC announced a final round of ads before the election Tuesday, including one aimed at Congressional District 1 candidate Jonathan Paton.

In previous ads, the Democratic group targeted Paton’s work with the payday loan industry, but in this 30-second TV slot, the House Majority PAC teamed up with Emily’s List (also known as Women Vote!) to target Paton’s views on women’s healthcare.

“The whole effort in the district was intended to demonstrate to voters that Jonathan Paton has values that are just way out of touch,” said Andy Stone, the House Majority PAC Communications Director.

“Why” features photos of sad-eyed women and monochromatic hospital rooms paired with examples of Paton’s voting record and website quotes.

“Paton even voted to let doctors and hospital’s deny women emergency contraception in cases of sexual assault,” the ad states, with a reference to House Bill 2541, which passed through the Arizona House of Representatives, but was vetoed by then-governor Janet Napolitano.

“”With Ann Kirkpatrick’s campaign in a downward spiral, this is one last act of desperation by Nancy Pelosi to try to bail her out,” said Paton spokesman Barrett Marson, who did not address the specific claims in the ad. “Arizonans are looking for solutions to our economy, not divisive and dishonest ads like this one.”

The ad will run in Phoenix until Election Day, at a cost of $120,000.