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House Majority PAC Thanks Speaker Nancy Pelosi For Her Leadership

November 17, 2022

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC Executive Director Abby Curran Horrell and House Majority PAC President Ali Lapp issued the following statements thanking Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her leadership: 

House Majority PAC President Ali Lapp:

“All of us who care about a better country for our children owe Speaker Nancy Pelosi a debt of gratitude. Her tireless leadership of a diverse caucus, ability to get things done in the face of adversity, and never ending pursuit of equality, justice, and common sense policies to grow our economy have left our country stronger. It’s been an honor to work to elect House Democrats and fight for Speaker Pelosi over the last decade. We are all fortunate she will stay in Congress and continue to represent the people of San Francisco.”

House Majority PAC Executive Director Abby Curran Horrell: 

“House Majority PAC could not be more grateful for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s inspiring and steady leadership of the House Democratic Caucus since 2002 – which led to Democrats taking back the House in 2006 and 2018. Thanks to Speaker Pelosi, House Democrats fought back against the toxic policies of Republicans who have sought to put corporations over working families – and Americans have benefited from landmark legislation including the Affordable Care Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and the Inflation Reduction Act. Speaker Pelosi’s leadership inspired generations of Americans to fight for a better tomorrow, and House Majority PAC is thankful for her decades of service to our country and looks forward to her work in the next Congress.”