House Majority PAC To Air New Ad Slamming Allen West’s Record On Veterans, Military Issues

October 11, 2012

Local Veterans On West’s Votes: “He Hasn’t Served Us” –“Not Right” – “He Left Us Behind”

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC announced that it would begin running an ad featuring criticism of Allen West’s veterans and military record from local south Florida veterans. In particular, the ad brings attention to West’s votes against millions in medical research for wounded warriors, suicide prevention and counseling for combat vets and even against a ban on baggage fees for troops on deployment.

The veterans argue that West’s votes have real effects on people’s lives, saying that West “hasn’t served us,” that “he left us behind” and that his votes represent a record that’s “just not right.”

The spot, entitled “Serve,” begins running Thursday in West Palm Beach and will continue for a week. This is the fourth ad House Majority PAC’s has run in this race, part of the organization’s $1.5 million TV buy.

“Serve” is available here:

“Allen West may talk a lot about his military service, but when push came to shove, time and again he voted the wrong way on measures that benefit veterans and active duty military members,” said Alixandria Lapp, Executive Director of House Majority PAC. “The bottom line is that as much as Allen West desperately tries to distract from his outrageous rhetoric, radical priorities and the detrimental effect of his votes on real people, Floridians know better.”