House Majority PAC Unveils 2nd TV Spot In SC-01 Special Election

April 26, 2013

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC today unveiled its second television ad in the special election in South Carolina’s First District. The spot, entitled “Post,” was developed and produced in partnership with VoteVets and is identical to the VoteVets spot that ran earlier this week. The two organizations are sharing the cost of airing the ad.

“Post” features South Carolina National Guard Col. Barry Wingard describing Mark Sanford’s dereliction of duty during the six days in 2009 in which Sanford’s whereabouts were unknown. Wingard notes that if he had abandoned his post, as Sanford did, Wingard would have faced court-martial.

The spot is available here:

“Post” will air as part of House Majority PAC’s previously announced six-figure buy in this race.

House Majority PAC’s partnership with VoteVets is a continuation of a strategy House Majority PAC pursued to great effect in the 2012 election cycle. In fact, NBC News noted last year that House Majority PAC’s cooperative efforts enabled the “pool[ing] of resources and research in a targeted way.” The Hill called the strategy “unique” and reported that it allowed House Majority PAC and allied groups to “stretch their dollars further.”