House Majority PAC Unveils New Ads In FL-18, IL-10, MN-08 Plus Expansion Of IL-17 Spot

October 16, 2012

Washington, D.C. – Continuing to drive the message about House Republicans being out of step and wrong on the issues, House Majority PAC today announced that it would begin running new TV ads in FL-18, IL-10 and MN-08 – and would run in the Rockford market an IL-17 spot that previously ran only in Peoria.

FL-18 – “Alzheimers” marks the beginning of a major House Majority PAC push to define Allen West as out of touch due to his opposition to embryonic stem cell research. It is also a continuation of House Majority PAC’s effort to demonstrate that Allen West’s extreme and out of the mainstream positions and votes have real effects on the lives of Floridians. The spot will run in West Palm Beach for a week as a part of House Majority PAC’s $1.5 million TV expenditure in FL-18.

IL-10 – “Venn” demonstrates how closely aligned Bob Dold’s agenda is with the Tea Party agenda in Congress: Bob Dold, Joe Walsh and Todd Akin all voted to allow insurance companies to deny access to essential services for women including birth control, cancer screenings and maternity care. The spot will run in Chicago for a week as part of House Majority PAC’s $2.4 million expenditure. The House Majority PAC/SEIU ad that simultaneously hits all three vulnerable Chicagoland members – Biggert, Dold and Walsh – continues its run for another week in conjunction with “Venn.”

IL-17 – “Back” criticizes Rep. Bobby Schilling for turning his back on Illinois by supporting tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas and voting six separate times to block tax cuts for middle class families. This spot previously ran in Peoria for a week and House Majority PAC will now run it for a week in Rockford as part of a previously announced $130,000 buy.

MN-08 – “What Happened” shows how Chip Cravaack went to Washington and forgot about Minnesota. After all, Cravaack voted to gut Medicare, forcing seniors to pay more and negotiate directly with insurance companies for coverage while voting to give members of Congress taxpayer funded health care for life. “What Happened” will air in Duluth for two weeks as part of a $650,000 MN-08 initiative that runs through Election Day.