ICYMI: This Week’s Disastrous GOP Agenda

July 14, 2017


Voices from the Districts

House Majority PAC launched a new website this week, Voicesfromyourdistrict.com, which features compelling, first-hand accounts of real constituents from 12 Republican-held districts, who would be impacted by the disastrous Republican healthcare bill their Member of Congress voted for. A Huffington Post article highlighted the responses from constituents in Speaker Paul Ryan’s district as well as Congressman Mike Bishop’s district.

Another Senate Healthcare Bill?

The GOP just released yet another draft of their healthcare bill, and no surprise, it’s a disaster for hardworking Americans. Like the AHCA already passed by House Republicans, it looks and sounds like this bill will be terrible – making coverage unaffordable and unattainable for those who need it most.


In the Districts

FL-25 & FL-26

Activists held an ‘empty chair’ town hall last Saturday to oppose the horrible GOP healthcare agenda. They called out Congressmen Mario Diaz-Balart and Carlos Curbelo for hiding from their constituents by not holding town halls and ignoring their concerns about the American Health Care Act (AHCA). 


Rain couldn’t deter advocates in Michigan from attending a Bishop and Pawns Rally to voice their concerns over Congressman Mike Bishop’s AHCA vote. These Michigan residents highlighted their fears on the disastrous impacts the Republican healthcare plan will have on Michiganders, including cuts to Medicaid, rollbacks on protections for pre-existing conditions and an “Age Tax”, allowing insurance companies to send premiums skyrocketing for people over 50.


On Monday, Congressman Mike Gallagher (WI-8) promoted a House floor speech that he gave on July 6th about the opioid and addiction crisis. Doesn’t Rep. Gallagher know that actions speak louder than words? Rep. Gallagher voted for the AHCA, which would make it harder for people to access the substance abuse treatment they need. It looks like Rep. Gallagher is trying to score political points by using the opioid and addiction crisis to brush his terrible AHCA vote under the table. 


Try as he might to avoid it, Congressman Bruce Poliquin is hearing from his constituents, and the overall consensus is that they’re upset about his vote for the AHCA. Mainers are worried about their healthcare premiums skyrocketing to exorbitant rates, devastating cuts to Medicaid and gutting protections for pre-existing conditions.


Congressman Fred Upton’s constituents gathered last night outside his office in Kalamazoo to voice their opposition to the GOP healthcare plan. They called for him to vote against this latest healthcare bill in the House.