Kicking off the General Election, New Billboard Campaign Highlights Phillips’ Commitment to Real Tax Relief

August 16, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority PAC launched a billboard campaign highlighting Dean Phillips’ background as a local businessman. Phillips will fight for real tax relief, as opposed to a tax scam that gives most of the benefits to the ultra-rich, raises taxes on middle-class families, and adds 1.9 trillion to the deficit.

All three billboards are running for four weeks. They’re located on major highways, including I-394, I-94, and I-494. 


The billboards highlight Dean Phillips’ commitment to real and lasting tax relief. Phillips opposes the GOP tax scam that gives an overwhelming 83 percent of the benefits to the ultra-rich while raising taxes on hardworking Minnesota families. In Congress, he will look for common ground to close unfair tax loopholes and lower taxes, without ballooning our deficit.

“As a local businessman, Dean Phillips understands the importance of bringing real and lasting tax relief to hardworking Minnesota families and small businesses,” said House Majority PAC Press Secretary Hannah Blatt. “His opponent Erik Paulsen voted for the GOP tax scam that raises taxes, increases health care costs, and balloons the deficit, all to give tax cuts to the ultra-rich. House Majority PAC is letting voters know that Dean Phillips will put Minnesota families first.”