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MEMO: 2023 Election Results Further Evidence Democrats Will Retake House 

November 8, 2023

Last night, Democrats across the country once again proved the naysayers and bedwetters wrong, with resounding victories in Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, and across New York State. There is a clear path for Democrats to retake the House in 2024, and Democrats must continue to play offense while also building the contrast with extreme MAGA House Republicans.

Abortion Still Top Of Mind For Americans EVERYWHERE

TOPLINE: Last night, Ohioans voted to enshrine abortion access into their state constitution – another resounding win for American freedom. If you are wondering if abortion will play a pivotal role in 2024, the answer is YES.

Build Contrast

TOPLINE: Research projects conducted by HMP have shown time and time again that Democrats win when they go on offense to talk about the economy, and then contrast that with Republican abortion extremism. 

GOP’s Lackluster Candidate Recruitment

TOPLINE: House Republicans face a major recruitment problem, as their hand-candidates are vastly out of step with everyday Americans. A recent memo by Congressional Leadership Fund touted four “star candidates of character” – but the fact remains that their toxic positions will doom their chances in 2024. 

Red State Wins Put Trump Districts On The Radar

TOPLINE: With Governor Beshear’s resounding win and a major victory in Ohio, Democrats have proven that they can compete and win in Republican territory. Based off of last night’s results, the following Trump-won districts could be incredibly competitive in 2024: