MI-08: House Majority PAC Congratulates Elissa Slotkin

November 7, 2018

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC congratulates Representative-Elect Elissa Slotkin on her victory in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District.

 “Elissa Slotkin has dedicated her career to serving her country and her community, and now she’s taking this experience to Washington where she’ll fight for hardworking Michiganders,” said House Majority PAC Executive Director Charlie Kelly. “Voters rejected career politician Mike Bishop and his record of putting special interests ahead of hardworking families. House Majority PAC was proud to have played a major role in helping to elect middle-class champion Elissa Slotkin to Congress.”

 MI-08 hadn’t elected a Democrat to Congress in 20 years, which made this district a challenging but pivotal district to flip for Democrats. HMP saw a number of factors early on that made this a potential pick-up opportunity, including significant grassroots activism and enthusiasm as well as Mike Bishop’s toxic voting record and loyalty to special interests, and a strong Democratic candidate in Elissa Slotkin. Throughout Slotkin’s career she’s served under both Republican and Democratic Administrations. She served three tours in Iraq, and later, held various defense and intelligence roles at the White House and State Department.

HMP started an accountability campaign in the summer of 2017 where the group partnered with Progress Michigan in an on-the-ground effort to draw attention to Mike Bishop’s toxic voting record. Guerilla tactics, including press conferences and even a puppet parody town hall, were used to discuss Bishop’s record. HMP also ran digital ads exposing Mike Bishop for his allegiance to Paul Ryan’s toxic policies.

HMP ran two TV ads in MI-08, which showcased Mike Bishop serving himself and special interests, having taken over $200,000 from insurance interests and voting for a disastrous health care bill that hurts hardworking families. Additionally, HMP ran a multi-piece direct mail program as well as partnered with Priorities USA Action on a digital campaign, which called Bishop out for taking money from the insurance industry and voting to increase health care costs for older Michiganders.

HMP spent the following in MI-08: $1,813,518 

HMP and partner investments combined totaled the following in MI-08: $7,650,280

HMP aired the following TV ads in MI-08: 

“That Same Year” 


HMP ran the following digital ads in MI-08:

“Mike Bishop is Another Paul Ryan Pawn” 

“Your Vote vs. Their Dollar”