Mike Coffman Back In Comfortable Clutches Of Anti-Immigration Faction

June 10, 2013

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Mike Coffman’s (R-CO) brief, politically-motivated flirtation with softening his hardline, anti-immigration stance is officially over. Coffman is now comfortably back in the clutches of the Steve King-Tom Tancredo camp.

After previously calling the DREAM Act a “nightmare,” endorsing Steve King’s English as an official language bill and backing an effort to strip natural-born citizenship from the children of illegal immigrants, this past February Mike Coffman told a standing-room-only audience of 800 Coloradans that he is “in favor of legal status for illegal immigrants and a path to citizenship for their children.”

Then, last week, Coffman abandoned his short-lived political support for immigration reform by jumping onboard the rabidly anti-immigrant Steve King’s push to deport so-called Dreamers.

“It’s sure been a whirlwind for Mike ‘Finger-In-The-Wind’ Coffman, who in the course of just a few short months went from fervently anti-immigrant to welcoming of DREAM Act principles, then back to the warm embrace of the Tancredo-King faction,” said Andy Stone, Communications Director for House Majority PAC. “Coloradans won’t soon forget Coffman’s broken promises or his unmistakable political motivations.”

Mike Coffman is one of House Majority PAC’s top GOP targets.