Mike Coffman Just Can’t Hide His Inner Right-Winger, Wants To Sue The President

December 3, 2013

Washington, D.C. – Try as he might, Rep. Mike Coffman just can’t keep his inner right-winger hidden from public view. After all, in just the latest instance of his radical and reckless intentions bubbling to the surface, Coffman admitted he’s focused on – wait for it – suing President Obama.

It’s true! He told KHOW-AM that his office is “engaged in the legal research right now of how do we take on the administration. It appears right now that we may have to do it, that I may have to do it…”

For those keeping score, that’s the administration of President Barack Obama whose American-ness Coffman previously called into question.

“Rather than focus on creating jobs, passing immigration reform, ensuring workplace equality or raising the minimum wage, Congressman Mike Coffman’s priority is to sue the very president whose American-ness he questioned,” said Andy Stone, Communications Director for House Majority PAC. “In fact, whether it’s suing the President, questioning whether in his heart Obama’s an American, supporting the outlaw of common forms of birth control or backing the deportation of DREAM Act-eligible young people, it’s obvious that Mike Coffman’s extreme agenda doesn’t match Colorado’s.”