New HMP Ad in CA-24: Fareed “Just Like” Trump on Women’s Health

September 28, 2016

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Majority PAC launched the group’s latest ad in CA-24. The ad, titled “Just Like,” continues to criticize Republican nominee Justin Fareed for his support of Donald Trump for president and his dangerously out-of-touch, Trump-like agenda for Central Coast women.   
“Just Like” can be viewed online here.   
“While it’s shocking that Justin Fareed supports a candidate for president who has made so many offensive statements about women and who actually believes in punishing women who exercise their right to choose, it’s also entirely unsurprising,” said House Majority PAC Executive Director Alixandria Lapp. “Whether backing GOP attacks on Planned Parenthood or letting insurance companies charge women more than men, Fareed is dangerously out-of-touch when it comes to women’s health. Fareed’s agenda is just like Trump’s and just plain wrong for Central Coast women.”
“Just Like” begins airing on broadcast today in the Santa Barbara media market. This is the second spot in an approximately $328,000 airtime buy that began on September 16.
HMP’s first spot in the current CA-24 buy, “Believe Me,” can be viewed online here.