New TV Ad Calls Out Curbelo’s Starring Role in Toxic Republican Tax Plan

October 9, 2018

Washington, DC – Today, House Majority PAC launched a new TV ad in FL-26 calling out Carlos Curbelo’s starring role in crafting the toxic Washington Republican tax plan. The ad will run in both English and Spanish.

Curbelo helped write the GOP tax plan that overwhelmingly benefits the ultra-rich, including a loophole that benefits his wife’s company, giving his family up to a $100,000 tax break. The law adds nearly $2 trillion to the debt, and to pay for it, Washington Republicans plan to cut hundreds of billions from Social Security and Medicare.   

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 7.11.20 AM.png 

Says” begins running in English and “Dice” begins running in Spanish on cable and broadcast today in the Miami media market with a buy of approximately $2.2 million behind them. 

“Carlos Curbelo sold out hardworking Floridians,” said House Majority PAC Press Secretary Hannah Blatt. “He helped write a tax plan that enriches his family and the ultra-rich while sticking the middle class with the bill. It’s crystal clear, Carlos Curbelo is interested in pleasing his Republican party bosses instead of doing what’s right for South Florida.”