New TV Ad in IA-01 Reveals Blum’s Failed Attempts to Dress Up His Toxic Record

September 4, 2018

Washington, DC – Today, House Majority PAC launched a new TV ad in IA-01 slamming Congressman Rod Blum for trying to cover up his disastrous health care record from Iowa voters.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 1.57.11 PM.png 

Wingtips” begins running on broadcast today in the Cedar Rapids media market with a buy of over $140,000 behind it.

“In Washington, Rod Blum toes the party line, voting for the toxic GOP agenda. But when in Iowa, Blum tries to dress up his disastrous record,” said House Majority PAC Press Secretary Hannah Blatt. “The facts are clear – Blum’s votes hurt hardworking families – increasing their out-of-pocket health care costs and raising premiums on older Iowans. Voters are seeing right through his tricks. Iowa simply can’t afford another two years of Rod Blum in Congress.”

Rod Blum voted for the devastating health care bill that would take away coverage from thousands of Iowans, gut protections for people living with pre-existing conditions, and impose an “Age Tax” on older Americans. According to the AARP, the “Age Tax” would allow insurance companies to charge people aged 50-64 up to five times more than younger consumers.