New TV Ad: VA-07 Voters Call Out Brat’s Toxic Health Care Record

October 2, 2018

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Majority PAC released another TV ad in VA-07. The ad features Virginia voters who are concerned about Dave Brat’s record of putting his political party and big donors ahead of the needs of his constituents.

In particular, Brat voted for a health care plan that would hurt hardworking Central Virginia families by ending protections for people living with pre-existing conditions and imposing a punishing “Age Tax” on older Virginians. According to the AARP, the “Age Tax” would allow insurance companies to charge people aged 50-64 up to five times more than younger consumers.

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Thinking” begins running on broadcast and cable today in the Richmond media market and cable in the D.C. media market with a buy of approximately $308,000 behind it. This brings HMP’s total buy in VA-07 to approximately $707,000 thus far.

“Central Virginians are angry at Dave Brat for putting his partisan bosses and special interest donors ahead of their health care,” said House Majority PAC Press Secretary Hannah Blatt. “Voters are standing up to Brat – calling him out for voting to increase their health care costs and to take away access to affordable coverage for their families. Central Virginians deserve far better than Dave Brat and his toxic health care record.”