New Website Makes Sure Mike Bishop Can’t Clear History on Special Interest Strings

March 30, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – After Congressman Mike Bishop (MI-08) tried to scrub his campaign website of evidence that he’s spent his political career catering to powerful special interests, House Majority PAC is making sure Michigan voters never forget where he really stands on the issues by placing them prominently back online. As the Detroit News reported Wednesday, Bishop tried to pull a fast one by removing his special interest-appeasing positions from his campaign website – including support for the gun lobby and anti-labor laws.

Today, House Majority PAC launched a website,, using captures from the original Issues page of Bishop’s website, pre-makeover, to ensure Michiganders never forget that Mike Bishop chooses himself and powerful special interests over hardworking Michigan families:

  • Mike Bishop has received thousands from the gun lobby, which has given him an A rating as he opposes commonsense background checks and voted against bills that close the terrorist gun loophole

  • Mike Bishop has received hundreds of thousands from wall street interests and has helped craft the GOP tax plan that raises taxes on middle-class workers in order to give huge tax cuts to the ultra-wealthy

“Mike Bishop is desperate to refresh his brand and is trying to re-write his record, but he can’t delete the facts,” said House Majority PAC Communications Director Jeb Fain. “Time and again, Bishop puts himself and powerful special interests ahead of hardworking Michigan families. Voters in Michigan’s Eighth Congressional District have a right to know who Mike Bishop’s really serving in Congress, and it’s certainly not them. Michiganders will see through Mike Bishop’s desperate makeover, and House Majority PAC will make sure of it.”