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NY War Room: 60 Days After Ethics Committee Referral, Will Anthony D’Esposito Vote to Hold Santos Accountable?

July 17, 2023

New York, NY – Sixty days after House Republicans said there would be a decision on Rep. George Santos by the Ethics Committee and as House Democrats prepare to hold serial fraudster George Santos accountable, the question remains. Will Anthony D’Esposito vote to hold Santos accountable?

Vulnerable Republican Anthony D’Esposito was the first sitting House Republican to call for Santos’ resignation in January, stating that, “When public servants deceive and mislead those they are tasked with serving, they are no longer fit to work for the people…For his betrayal of the public’s trust, I call on [him] to resign.” Yet, when given the opportunity D’Esposito sided with Santos by voting against the measure to expel him from office.

“Anthony D’Esposito lied to New Yorkers when he called for George Santos to resign, then turned around and chose to protect a serial liar when it came to a floor vote,” said HMP New York Press Secretary Alisha Heng. “New Yorkers will hold them accountable, and HMP will ensure that they are voted out of office in 2024.”