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NY War Room: 60 Days After Ethics Committee Referral, Will Mike Lawler Vote To Censure George Santos?

July 17, 2023

New York, NY – Sixty days have passed since the House Ethics Committee promised to investigate and reprimand scammer Congressman George Santos. Today, House Democrats announced their plan to formally censure the disgraced Congressman as he faces a 13-count federal indictment

Mike Lawler demanded George Santos’ resignation earlier this year. But the vulnerable Republican had no problem accepting a hefty check from Santos’ PAC a week after calling him “embarrassing and disgraceful” directly to the press. 

Will MAGA Mike Lawler vote to hold Santos accountable or shield his friend and campaign donor?

“George Santos’ lies, selfishness, and disregard for the law perfectly capture the core of today’s Republican Party,” said HMP New York Press Secretary Dora Pekec. “New Yorkers deserve to know if Mike Lawler will keep his word and reprimand national embarrassment George Santos.”