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NY War Room: Does Marc Molinaro Support Extremist Cuts To Social Security?

July 24, 2023

New York, NY – House Republicans’ extremist agenda is in full swing with their latest proposal to make radical cuts to the Social Security Administration. The $183 million cut would leave millions of New Yorkers with longer wait times and less accessible benefits.  

Will Marc Molinaro stand up for the 173,667 NY-19 residents who rely on Social Security benefits or slap our working families and seniors in the face by voting in lockstep with MAGA House Republicans?

“Marc Molinaro and his fellow House Republicans will not rest until Social Security benefits have been ripped away from millions of New Yorkers,” said HMP New York Press Secretary Dora Pekec. “Marc Molinaro and his MAGA anti-Social Security vision for our country are not welcome in NY-19, and HMP will ensure he is a one-term Congressman.”