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NY War Room: ICYMI – LTE Exposes Marc Molinaro For Being A True Hard Right Extremist

October 30, 2023

New York, NY – In case you missed it, a NY-19 constituent’s powerful letter to the editor slammed Marc Molinaro for depicting himself as a moderate, all while gleefully supporting election-denying MAGA extremists.

Marc Molinaro voted twice for Trump puppet Jim Jordan before throwing his full support behind MAGA Mike Johnson, an anti-LGBTQ+, anti-choice extremist with a horrifying history of undermining our democracy.

“Marc Molinaro has betrayed the people of NY-19 by turning his back on campaign promises and joining the frightening MAGA right-wingers who want reproductive freedoms, LGBTQ+ equal rights, and our democracy wiped away,” said HMP New York Press Secretary Dora Pekec. “Marc Molinaro’s ultraconservative backsliding has not gone unnoticed, and HMP will ensure he never sees another term in Congress.”

Read the full letter below:

“My congressman, Marc Molinaro, does not represent me. In the recently concluded – for now – contest for House Speaker, Molinaro twice voted for Jim Jordan, a fire-breathing, arm-wrestling Trumpster. Then he voted for Lee Zeldin who failed to win the election in New York state. And finally, he went along with the rest of the Republican conference and voted for Mike Johnson.

Molinaro tries to depict himself as a moderate. But these votes show his true colors. All of the nominees he voted for are election deniers. All want to hold funding vital government programs hostage by the threat of a government shutdown. All stand in opposition to the right of women to control their reproductive choices. Speaker Johnson has opposed continuing support for the people of Ukraine.

Republican moderates were described as being “squishes” – by failing to use their collective power to stop one of the crazies from becoming speaker. So is Molinaro a squish or did his votes reveal his true extreme views? Does it matter? Whichever is the case, we must replace him with a Democrat who will stand up for our democracy and work to promote the welfare of the American people.

Kathy Gordon,