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NY War Room: LaLota and D’Esposito Continue to Hide Their Extremist Abortion View

June 27, 2023

New York, NY – Vulnerable House Republicans Nick LaLota and Anthony D’Esposito continue to mask their extremist views on abortion rights–recently telling POLITICO that they are not worried about any potential electoral consequences of a national abortion ban.

LaLota and D’Esposito both vocally expressed support for the radical Dobbs decision. LaLota vowed to vote for a nationwide abortion ban with further restrictions than what is currently in place in New York, and D’Esposito previously let it slip that he would likely vote for it as well.

Extremist anti-choice Republicans in Congress like LaLota and D’Esposito are eagerly planning to vote on a national abortion ban, which will threaten the freedoms of millions of women across the country.

“Nick LaLota and Anthony D’Esposito continue to deceive voters while supporting the radical extremist agenda of a nationwide abortion ban that would strip away access to abortion and reproductive health care,” said HMP New York Press Secretary Alisha Heng. “New Yorkers deserve to have their right to choose protected, and House Majority PAC will ensure GOP extremists are held accountable and voted out in 2024.”