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NY War Room: Marc Molinaro’s Campaign Received Contributions From The NRA

July 18, 2023

New York, NY – In case you missed it, Marc Molinaro’s re-election campaign is being bankrolled by the National Rifle Association (NRA)

This comes as no surprise for the career politician who previously received an “A” rating from the NRA and voted 32 times against gun safety legislation as a New York state representative. 

New York proudly has strong, common-sense gun safety laws and is the state with the 4th-lowest rate of gun deaths in the U.S.

“Marc Molinaro has made it crystal clear to New York families that his loyalties lie not with them but with the gun lobby,” said HMP New York Press Secretary Dora Pekec. “In 2024, New Yorkers will reject pay-to-play career politician Marc Molinaro.”