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NY War Room: Mike Lawler Endorsed Candidate Accused Of Anti-Semitism

November 6, 2023

New York, NY – In case you missed it, Mike Lawler endorsed a GOP Rockland County legislator who has been accused of anti-semitism.

The legislator, James Foley, is running for reelection and shamelessly ran his last campaign attacking the Orthodox Jewish community in Rockland, from calling them the “Ramapo Mafia” to promising to “Block the Bloc,” a nod to the anti-Hasidic group in which Foley was involved.

Despite backlash, Mike Lawler refused to pull his support for Foley.

“Mike Lawler’s blatant disregard for the Jewish community is jarring, and he should retract his endorsement of Foley,” said HMP New York Press Secretary Dora Pekec. “Mike Lawler is an extremist who has spent his term disrespecting the very community that elected him, and HMP looks forward to cementing his title as a one-term Congressman come 2024.”