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NY War Room: Nick LaLota and Anthony D’Esposito Remain Silent on Efforts to Repeal Medicare Drug Price Negotiations

July 5, 2023

New York, NY – Vulnerable House Republicans Nick LaLota and Anthony D’Esposito have continued to remain silent on lawsuits the US Chamber of Commerce and Big Pharma have filed against the government regarding the new measure within President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

During his 2022 campaign, LaLota expressed his commitment to a system “that allows for Medicare to negotiate prices for its members.” LaLota represents NY-01, home to nearly 153,500 eligible Medicare enrollees, including 28,750 Medicare – Part D enrollees.

D’Esposito was endorsed by the US Chamber of Commerce during his 2022 campaign and vocally opposed the Inflation Reduction Act, which made it possible for Medicare to negotiate drug prices with drug companies. He represents NY-04, with nearly 143,300 eligible Medicare enrollees, including 36,758 Medicare – Part D enrollees.

“Nick LaLota and Anthony D’Esposito’s silence sends a clear message–they are more concerned about protecting the profits of big pharma corporations than ensuring affordable health care for New Yorkers,” HMP New York Press Secretary Alisha Heng said. “They have proven themselves to be out-of-touch with the hardships of everyday New Yorkers, and HMP will ensure they are voted out in 2024.”