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NY War Room: What is Mazi Pilip Hiding?

December 18, 2023

New York, NY – As the Conservative Party and GOP’s handpicked candidate, it’s clear that transparency and accessibility are not at the forefront of Mazi Pilip’s campaign’s strategy – with Pilip and her handlers refusing to take questions at Friday’s press conference.

Pilip and her team even went so far as to BLOCK reporters from leaving the building to ask her a question. Pilip also ran away from tough questions and “declined to discuss her policy positions in depth” in an interview shortly after she was announced as the GOP nominee.

This conduct is below a candidate for Congress and a current elected official, raising the question: What is Mazi Pilip hiding?

“From day one, Mazi Pilip has made it clear that transparency and accountability will be taking the back seat during her campaign,” HMP NY Press Secretary Alisha Heng said. “Pilip is unqualified and prefers to conceal the truth like her predecessor George Santos, and the voters of NY-03 will not be fooled again.”