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NY War Room: What Is Mazi Pilip Hiding As She Refuses to Denounce Donald Trump?

December 20, 2023

New York, NY – The Conservative Party and GOP’s handpicked candidate, Mazi Pilip, doubled down on her refusal to denounce GOP Presidential nominee frontrunner Donald Trump and his extremist agenda in an interview with Newsday.

In addition to not voting consistently until 2020, she deflected when asked if she voted for Trump or Biden, responding with, “Why will I answer something like this?” When pressed further on whether she voted for Trump, she refused to answer and claimed it was a “personal question.”

This comes after Pilip declared, “once we know who the Republican nominee [is], we’re going to support that person” in an interview earlier this week while being fully aware that Donald Trump is the GOP frontrunner.

“As Mazi Pilip doubles down on her refusal to denounce Trump and his MAGA agenda, she’s a spitting image of her ‘great friend’ and predecessor George Santos’s antics of dodging accountability,” HMP NY Press Secretary Alisha Heng said. “While Mazi Pilip continues to evade New Yorkers, she will be swiftly rejected by the voters of NY-03 in February.”