Poll shows four Illinois GOP congressmen in re-election trouble

October 27, 2011

Take it with a pound of salt, or maybe two. But a new poll commissioned by Washington Democrats shows four incumbent Republican congressmen from Illinois in some political trouble.

The poll sponsored by the House Majority PAC found that only 42% of those surveyed in the north suburban 10th District want to re-elect Winnetka’s Robert Dold, and 50% want a change. Just 35% have a favorable opinion of Republicans in Congress.

The numbers are similar with U.S. Rep. Judy Biggert, R-Hinsdale: 52% want a new congressman. But the figures are south of there for Reps. Tim Johnson of Sidney, who gets a 33% re-elect, and Bobby Schilling of Moline, at 39%.

The survey of roughly 600 voters in each of the districts was conducted by Public Policy Polling. The firm generally works for Democrats and left-of-center groups. But it also has a reputation of calling it the way it sees it, for instance recently reporting that embattled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, has significantly boosted his odds of surviving any recall move.

Perhaps more significant, this poll comes after a series of others by other organizations that show Democrats have taken a small lead over Republicans nationally on a generic “who should run Congress?” survey.

For what it’s worth.