Progressive Groups Rallied Ahead of Ryan’s CNN Town Hall

August 22, 2017

Racine, Wisconsin — Today, For Wisconsin’s Future Action Fund and advocates held a healthcare rally before Speaker Paul Ryan’s CNN Town Hall. Activists and residents gathered to voice their concerns over the disastrous GOP healthcare bill.

At the rally, House Majority PAC brought a mobile billboard, that was also visible throughout Racine during the day, holding Speaker Ryan accountable for his disastrous American Health Care Act (AHCA) vote. Specifically, the billboard highlighted how devastating the “Age Tax” would be for older Americans who would see their premiums skyrocket.


“Speaker Ryan not only voted for this devastating bill, but ensured it passed by jamming it through the House of Representatives,” said Jeb Fain, Senior Communications Advisor for House Majority PAC. “It’s clear that the Speaker isn’t looking out for his constituents or the American people, but instead, is doing the bidding of the wealthy special interests.”

“Speaker Ryan has been laser focused on repealing the ACA at all costs with zero regard for the impact on his constituents or the American people,” said Joe Zepecki, Communications Director for For Wisconsin’s Future Action Fund. “Speaker Ryan has proven yet again that he is prioritizing special interests over access to affordable, quality health coverage for his constituents.”

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