Stewart Mills’ Latest Ad Debunked by His Own Words

September 6, 2016

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Majority PAC called out multi-millionaire Stewart Mills for his latest misleading makeover attempt. Mills has released an ad claiming that he participated in a walk to raise money for domestic violence victims, but his own words as expressed in his own Facebook posts tell a very different story about his motivation.
As reported in City Pages earlier this year, Mill made “a joking reference to participating, against his will, in a charity walk for a battered women’s shelter” in a 2009 Facebook post. In the post, Mills makes “flippant references to battered women” and insinuates that he was forced to walk because, in his own words, “my wife is taking care of the kids [and] making me dinner while I am on [facebook].”
“For the real reason Stewart Mills wore those high heels, voters only need to look to his Facebook posts,” said House Majority PAC Executive Director Ali Lapp. “Mills’ own words directly contradict any claim that he walked because he cares about raising money for domestic violence victims. This latest example of Mills’ misleading makeover can’t cover up his for his outdated, misogynistic attitudes.”   
The post is hardly the only example of Mills expressing misogyny and sexism on social media. The City Pages article, which can be viewed here, details multiple disturbing examples from Mills of his attitude towards women.