VA-07: House Majority PAC Congratulates Abigail Spanberger

November 7, 2018

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC congratulates Representative-Elect Abigail Spanberger on her victory in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

“As a former CIA Officer, Abigail Spanberger knows what it means to serve her country and her community,” said House Majority PAC Executive Director Charlie Kelly. “In Congress, she will fight for hardworking Central Virginia families by tackling tough issues and delivering real results. House Majority PAC is proud to have played a major role in electing such a qualified candidate as Abigail Spanberger who will make a tangible difference for the middle class.”

VA-07 was a Republican-held seat since 1971. It took an extremely well-qualified and dynamic Democratic candidate like Abigail Spanberger, as well as the rapidly growing and diversifying Richmond suburbs, to truly put the seat in play for Democrats. And HMP had polling data back in April that indicated that Dave Brat was vulnerable.

Republicans, knowing they would be unable to sell their failed agenda of raising taxes on the middle class and increasing health care costs, instead resorted to dirty politics and a xenophobic smear campaign against Abigail Spanberger. Central Virginia voters rejected these tactics and made it clear that they want a representative who will put country over party and stand up for all VA-07 citizens.

House Majority PAC ran a robust media campaign in VA-07 across various platforms, including TV, digital, and a nine-piece direct mail program. HMP’s TV ads focused on Dave Brat’s disastrous vote to strip protections for people living with pre-existing conditions and impose what AARP called an “Age Tax” on older Virginians. For the digital program, HMP partnered with Priorities USA Action to call out Brat on his vote for a toxic tax plan, which doled out massive tax breaks to the ultra-rich and paved the way for cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

HMP spent the following in VA-07: $1,328,515

HMP and partner investments combined totaled the following in VA-07: $3,548,744

HMP aired the following TV ads in VA-07:

Shell Game

What’s Wrong


HMP ran the following digital ad in VA-07: