With 4,000 Minnesota Jobs In Sequester Balance, John Kline Voted To Skip Town Without Deal

February 19, 2013

Washington, D.C. – Despite Rep. John Kline’s estimate that 4,000 Minnesota jobs are in danger along with “hundreds of millions of dollars” in grants and local government funding if the sequester cuts go through, Kline, along with 221 of his House Republican colleagues, voted last Friday to skip town without a deal.

In fact, at a press conference Sunday, Kline confidently declared that there’s a “better than even” chance that sequestration will occur and that “Minnesotans will feel it.”

“Even though John Kline himself warned that 4,000 Minnesota jobs are at risk along with ‘hundreds of millions’ in Gopher State grants, Kline inexplicably voted to skip town and take this week off without a sequestration deal,” said Alixandria Lapp, Executive Director of House Majority PAC. “With all that hangs in the balance, Minnesotans won’t soon forget that rather than buckle down and find a solution, John Kline chose to get out of dodge.”

Rep. John Kline is one of House Majority PAC’s top 10 Republican targets.


Rep. John Kline claimed on Sunday that 4,000 Minnesota jobs would be at risk, along with ‘hundreds of millions’ in government and research grants if no sequestration deal is reached. Kline predicted a “better than even” chance a deal will not be reached. [St. Paul Pioneer Press, 2/19/13]

Rep. John Kline, along with 221 of his Republican colleagues, voted to adjourn the House for the Presidents Day recess. [H Con Res 15, Vote #43, 2/15/13]